Progenitors: Part II

Not a blog about my parents nor their parenting skills nor how they would have benefitted from a good therapist earlier in their lives, I feel there is staging required for the story of me. While the early years were fairly drama free in my memory, my folks had their own intra- and interpersonal difficulties. My mom […]

Progenitors: Friendships

Friendship, getting along with others, person to person contact is a basic human need. My parents had several siblings. Most of my dad’s family lived in southwestern Idaho, farmers and ranchers. We visited them and our grandparents on vacations, my dad seeming to enjoy their company. Some of the  epic discussions I mention in this post occurred […]

Post-its of Me

The First Post is awkward. You don’t know me. I don’t know where the hell to begin. Not an autobiography, this blog will serve more as random yellow sticky notes attached to my name, giving insights, and perhaps definition to my person. Maybe it will become a verbal collage of glossy bits, cut-outs, rubber stamped images, […]