My Garden

A cross-post of sorts,  a guest post by me from my garden blog, I’ve just stolen this piece in its entirety and placed it here. Today is that sort of day. Cheers! Seattle has experienced an unprecedented 80+ days with only .07 inches of rain. We’ve had some cloudy days, marine-layer mornings, but no measurable […]

Thrift Store Love

Huffington Post reported yesterday: Macklemore’s iTunes Sales Impressive; Seattle Rapper Reaches No. 1 On Download Chart You can read the story here. Now, the reason this got my attention is not because I’m a rabid fan, listening to Ben Haggerty’s music day and night. Truth be told, I have only listened at the insistence of friends […]


Before the start of my sophomore year of college, I did a little fall shopping at a north Seattle mall. Per usual, I parked outside The Bon Marche, wove my way around Men’s Shoes and Active Wear, past the Lenox and Waterford near the Bridal Registry, and through Cosmetics to enter the grand internal cavern […]

First House

Spouse and I moved far enough away so visitors had to commit, but our commute didn’t suffer. We found a house on acreage, a remnant of a former faith-based co-housing community, tucked on a perch above the Tolt River. The house had the feel of add-on. Not from well-thought-out design, I could never be sure which […]

Hope & Promise

The 3 bedrooms, 1 bath occupied the north end of the 1960s rambler. A short hallway serviced these rooms, at the end of which was a bank of deep closeted shelves atop 3 oversized drawers. We called this the Linen Closet. Christmas lived for 11 months a year on the topmost shelf, we visited the next […]


Amborg. Holmfrid. Inga. Olaf. Do these names inspire passion, visions of windswept vistas, heaving chests of toned muscle or full bosom? Can you imagine them as dance partners, steaming up the lenses of the audience while engaging in a full-frontal tango? Or is the conjured vision one of clay-soil-toiling, no-nonsense sea gleaners, inhabitants of the […]