One At A Time

I’ve been busy. My writing has been entirely other. There has been no room for anything birthed by the beautiful push of Muse. Nothing deep or soulful, nothing but lists and formulas and direction. My time consumed with readying for class: the class in 2 days, the class in 2 months, or the potential class, 6 […]

August and Everything After

I stopped writing. I certainly stopped writing here. Since August, I’ve inexplicably watched many, many episodes of BBC detective dramas, as well as, after decluttering, been held captive in the vortex known as Selling On eBay. However, it’s time now to move on. I’ve re-read Anne  Lamott, again, and it’s time. I’ll ease myself back […]

Post-its of Me

The First Post is awkward. You don’t know me. I don’t know where the hell to begin. Not an autobiography, this blog will serve more as random yellow sticky notes attached to my name, giving insights, and perhaps definition to my person. Maybe it will become a verbal collage of glossy bits, cut-outs, rubber stamped images, […]