Receipts waiting for Quickbooks; scrappy notes with names, addresses for fruit pickups or left-at-our-house-Nerf returns, URLs, memory prods for all those passwords; wedding invites to events passed but still at finger reach to get each sender’s new address entered into an address book; more receipts, cash transactions, not as pressing to account for, but the […]


We are home from 5 days away. We had a whirlwind trip as usual. This time, another co-worker wedding called us to La Jolla. You may not have read my other post regarding a co-worker wedding, but I will say that I think I learned something from that experience. I still went on a dress-hunting […]

August and Everything After

I stopped writing. I certainly stopped writing here. Since August, I’ve inexplicably watched many, many episodes of BBC detective dramas, as well as, after decluttering, been held captive in the vortex known as Selling On eBay. However, it’s time now to move on. I’ve re-read Anne  Lamott, again, and it’s time. I’ll ease myself back […]