Weeping Willow

Stately as princes the swans part the lilies and glide, under the willows. The 3 young girls, arms unconfined, heads dipping & lifting, moved, twirling slowly, with as much grace as they could imagine, in, around, through the arching, earth-touching branches of the monumental weeping willow. Are they enchanted men, soon to be free again, […]


Amborg. Holmfrid. Inga. Olaf. Do these names inspire passion, visions of windswept vistas, heaving chests of toned muscle or full bosom? Can you imagine them as dance partners, steaming up the lenses of the audience while engaging in a full-frontal tango? Or is the conjured vision one of clay-soil-toiling, no-nonsense sea gleaners, inhabitants of the […]