New Year

The 12 Days of Christmas are almost finished. Our tree is still up. The Wise Men have yet to visit the baby in the barn. La Befana is still searching for the child. One more fete takes place tomorrow, after which the house will slowly devolve into the pre company condition that took 4 solid […]

August and Everything After

I stopped writing. I certainly stopped writing here. Since August, I’ve inexplicably watched many, many episodes of BBC detective dramas, as well as, after decluttering, been held captive in the vortex known as Selling On eBay. However, it’s time now to move on. I’ve re-read Anne ¬†Lamott, again, and it’s time. I’ll ease myself back […]

Oh, Christmas Tree

How lovely are your branches Winter: cold, more dark than light, feet of snow hindering the simplest of chores, bodies laden with fabric and furs, vigilantly keeping the fire, source of light and heat. Hours free for whittling, quilting, mending, storytelling, singing, and, when the days came bearing the most darkness, breaking at Solstice when […]