New Year

The 12 Days of Christmas are almost finished. Our tree is still up. The Wise Men have yet to visit the baby in the barn. La Befana is still searching for the child. One more fete takes place tomorrow, after which the house will slowly devolve into the pre company condition that took 4 solid days to make better. Four days of not cooking, not baking, not writing, hardly thinking past the sorting, piling, rehoming, recycling, reusing. The pool table sits uncovered and usable, the storage area I wrote of last time is accessible and functional, the art space is ready for papers, paints, and glue, the music area can breathe, the laundry room thinned and better organized, the Lego room is a Dream-Come-True, and the work space where I type is showing more concrete counter than it has since the day Spouse finished polishing it. I will try to keep things more tidy. I will try to put things back sooner rather than later. I can think better without clutter. I can breathe better when I see surfaces. I am happier when I let go.

This New Year I want to let go. I don’t know how it will happen. I don’t know if I will be successful, but I know it is what I want. I want to let go of grievance. I want to let go of shame. I want to let go of ruts. I want to let go of negative expectation. That’s it.

I hope for you the best. Be blessed.


Everything Is Awesome. Photo Credit: Spouse


One thought on “New Year

  1. Oh boy! What work and joy, four solid days of decluttering and getting rid of! Blessings to the new you and the new home in the new year! Love, Consuelo

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