We are home from 5 days away. We had a whirlwind trip as usual. This time, another co-worker wedding called us to La Jolla. You may not have read my other post regarding a co-worker wedding, but I will say that I think I learned something from that experience. I still went on a dress-hunting rampage, and this time involved Junior, so I felt I had to dress him appropriately, bringing on more stress then I thought it would or should. My sister and niece came to my one-woman fashion show to help me pare down dress choices to 2 (we prefer to carry-on only), and I had my hair properly foiled, then cut short with some style. The weather report did add some additional angst: how many layers do I provide for? We, from the Land of Layering, travelling to the usual Land of Wearing Almost Nothing, didn’t know quite what to do if it was going to be cool and cloudy the whole time. I know. Neurotic, First World, Longing to Not Care. As stated, though, I do feel this time I was less stressed. Bags packed, TSA questionable items shipped ahead of time to the hotel, we enjoyed a good flight, with In-n-Out upon landing, then a fairly good sleep for night one in a hotel.

With the wedding in La Jolla, we stayed in La Jolla. Legoland, Mecca to us, was just to the north and Balboa Park was just to the south. We did both, enjoyed the wedding completely, then packed/boarded another plane to Oakland to find more In-n-Out and our dear friends, who had relocated to Marin County 6 months earlier. Friends in tow, we continued north to Healdsburg and our much-loved Unti, where they were releasing the new Rose, a perfect thing to do on our 28th anniversary, followed by delicious food at Diavolo. Catching up in person, driving through still-green Sonoma County, getting advice from a very wise grocery store clerk on staying young, planning the next day’s activity, had us ready for sleep at our next hotel.

Sunday, we were back at our friend’s house, where they were ready to walk to the nearby Sunday Farmer’s Market. I love Farmer’s Markets. This market, in this North Bay town, with access to San Fransisco, Berkeley, Mendocino, and the great San Joaquin, was crazy. Everything I love about the Greater Bay Area, assembled under tiny white awnings, available within steps: no BART, no tolls, no stop-and-go traffic. Add the warm, no, hot sun, my beautiful friend sharing her favorites, the color, the sounds, the smells, this transported me, out of body, out of mind, all worries, anxieties gone. Epic. At a Farmer’s Market. After lunch, beneath the Spire attached to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Civic Center, we collected Kip, our beach bags, and headed out through Mill Valley, past Muir Woods, to finish the afternoon at Stinson Beach. While we have easy access to salt water and beaches here at home, Puget Sound beaches are rocky. When we have opportunity to enjoy sandy beaches, sandy beaches that are really warm in mid-April, in mid-April only a all-day’s drive from home, that is special. We whiffle-balled with Junior, threw frisbees, faux rock-climbed, ate tasty foods from the market, and spouse had me show off my football throwing skills. I have those, you know. We had Portuguese take-out for dinner, talked more, stayed late, said goodbyes then returned to our hotel. We were flying home next day. Whirlwind.

We were home early enough in the evening to get a start on laundry, something I can’t wait to get done after a trip. The house needed some warming up after 5 days of no furnace, but other than that it was good to be home. I felt relaxed, as well as motivated to mildly declutter my closet and the common area flat surfaces (my friend has a great design sense and her flat surfaces were enviable), but this came from a positive motivation, from a place of contentment, a place of starting over, new.

Being home this week has continued to be good. The re-setting I have felt from our trip is amazing. Our brains like same, they prefer routine. When we give our brains different, when I give my brain something different, it howls in protest at the thought, the mere mention of unknown. After the fact, though, the silly thing feels more alive, more intact and in touch with its usual surroundings. I am filled with gratitude that we could go on this trip: invited to the wedding, Legoland met and exceeded Junior’s hopes, the sun was out, we reconnected with our friends, we were kept from harm, we got to be together, captives together, on holiday, for 5 days.




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