Catch Up

Spouse and I have always loved Apple computers. We started out with one of these:

our first computer

our first computer

Our next box was a 6100 something or other which we used for a long time. Then I brought home the occasional hand-me-down Mac from the office. I worked for a graphic arts company, which needed the latest, best, fastest, a change that occurred, at least, every 2 years. There were always castaways muddying up the back hallway. These computers were big, more than enough for our home use.

Both Spouse & I had great computers at work, connected to the internet with whatever was the best service available at the time. At home, we were fine with dial-up to get access to our email. Our last home computer was a cast-off G4, running OS9.2, unable to be upgraded to OS X. We continued with dial-up for a few more years, but finally, in 2008 got a box that would run the current OS, and we connected to DSL.

The world opened up. I started using Facebook and I started a blog about my garden. Then I started a blog about life in my kitchen. Then we made a blog to use at Christmas. I started another blog about my artist friends, which waned when I was unable to get follow-through for blog material. Most recently, I started this blog, writing primarily about my life. All of this is to explain that I have 3 active blogs, of which I am not yet ready to combine into one. For the last few weeks, my kitchen has grabbed all the attention. Here’s a link. Cheers!


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