Evidently, it was George Washington, as president, who declared the first national day of thanksgiving on November 26, 1789, but FDR who declared the American Thanksgiving officially the fourth Thursday in November. Completely aside from National Holidays, official calendars, or Hallmark Greeting Cards, I aim to live with thanks, with gratitude. Since it is the 4th Thursday in November, and since I’m waiting for the mix of flours and water to autolyse, I will officially declare the following:

I am thankful for Spouse & Junior, our funny way of life, for my sister & her fight, for the friendships gifted, the amazing people who cross our path, for awareness, willingness to grow, change, for everything that’s brought me here, that I only and always ever “did the best I could for who I was at the time,” for hammers & nails & bread & words. Thank you.



On another note, I’ve been posting quite a bit In My Tiny Kitchen-rants and recipes, ingredients of Fall, life. Cheers!


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